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Formulated By Top Brain Health Doctor

NR-7 was developed and formulated by Dr. Eric Morgan, one of the top brain health doctors of the past 20 years. His focus on including ingredients with proven histories of helping memory decline that work together to make each one stronger is what differentiates the NR-7 Brain Revitalizing System from other memory products currently available.

Supports Alzheimer’s Research

Optimum Life Labs has pledged to donate $1 from every bottle of NR-7 that is sold to fund Alzheimer’s prevention research. Your purchase will positively influence Alzheimer’s prevention research for years to come with the hope of one day eliminating the disease from our country.

Your Order – SAFE & SECURE

Every is protected by 256-bit encrypted SSL technology, the same high-tech security used by banks, Amazon and even government agencies. Your payment information is 100% safe because it is NEVER stored on any of our servers, making it virtually impossible for it to fall into the wrong hands.

Your 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Rest easy because you have 90 days to experience the life-changing effects of NR-7 completely risk-free. If you don't see an improvement in your memory recall, clarity of thought, mental focus and energy levels, then simply return the bottle (even if it's completely empty) and we'll immediately refund 100% of your purchase with no hassles, questions or hard feelings.

“I created NR-7 because I was scared to lose someone else I love to severe memory loss. So everyone in my family takes it, including me. Now my thinking is clear, I remember names and details of conversations and I stay focused throughout the day. One thing I didn’t expect is that as busy as I am, I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore. It’s like life has slowed down and I’m in complete control. As a husband, father and business owner that’s important.”

- Victor Urbina, CEO – Optimum Life Labs

"After about 3 weeks on this supplement I noticed slightly better concentration/focus, and a slight but noticeable increase in my energy levels. Since I have severe deficits in these departments, I am willing to bet that someone with a less severe condition would notice a marked effect in their cognitive abilities after a few weeks."

- Mark Ropell, Dubuque, IA

"Love this product. I am in my mid 40's. I find myself forgetting and feel like I have an unfocused and tired mind most of the time. Since I have been using NR7... Boy! What a difference. My mind feels so much more alert and focused."

- Melissa Ott, Grand Junction, CO

"I’ve had this stuff about a month now, and I’ve definitely felt less “foggy,” even when I don’t get nearly enough sleep. I’m usually skeptical of supplements, so far this one seems to do what it’s sypposed to though!"

- Wendy Napolitano, Olympia, WA

"Decided to try this to help with my memory. When I get overwhelmed things start to slip my mind. So far this has been really good helping me keep things on track."

- Joseph Higgins, Worcester, MA

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the NR-7 Brain Revitalizer System?

A: Recent breakthroughs have led to the discovery of two key functions in the brain:

Neuroplasticity - This is how the brain repairs its neural pathways and creates new ones for carrying memories, thoughts, and emotions from where they’re stored to your awareness.

Neurogenesis - This means the “birth of neurons”. It’s the brain’s ability to create neuron building blocks for supporting the neural pathways. It’s the key to safeguarding memories, thoughts, and emotions as you age.

Both functions are vital to your brain’s health. And both take place in two seahorse shaped areas of the brain called the “hippocampus”.

The NR-7 Neuron Revitalizing System is the only system of its kind focused on feeding and exercising the hippocampus like it’s a muscle so it can become bigger and stronger. This then enables the vital processes of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis to go into overdrive for a younger feeling brain at any age that’s better protected from decline.

Q: What is neuroplasticity and neurogenesis? Why is it important?

A: Neuroplasticity - This is how the brain repairs its neural pathways and creates new ones for carrying memories, thoughts, and emotions from where they’re stored to your awareness.

Neurogenesis - This means the “birth of neurons”. It’s the brain’s ability to create neuron building blocks for supporting the neural pathways. It’s the key to safeguarding memories, thoughts, and emotions as you age.

Q: I’ve tried brain supplements before and they did nothing. How do I know NR-7 will work for me?

A: Most off-the-shelf supplements take a “salad bowl” approach to their ingredients. They find a few with promising results and then throw them all together in the hope one or two will have an effect. Or worse, they rely on stimulants like caffeine to give you a jolt to trick you into thinking it’s doing something, only for you to crash hours later.

What makes NR-7 different is that the 7 key ingredients have been selected due to the way they work together like a team. Each supports a different function in the hippocampus. When combined, you have a complete chain of actions designed to result in a strong, healthy hippocampus.

No other supplement is designed to support a strong, healthy hippocampus in this way. NR-7 is also based on the same formula highly respected brain doctor, Dr. Daniel G. Amen used to help 100 brain trauma victims gain remarkable improvements in their memory, focus and emotions.

Q: Is NR-7 safe?

A: The NR-7 supplement contains only ingredients deemed to be safe without adverse side effects. However, some ingredients may interact with your existing supplements or medications. So you should always consult your doctor before making sudden dietary changes or taking new supplements.

Q: There are many brain supplements making wild claims about turning people into geniuses overnight. Why should I trust you?

A: Miracle “smart pills” that turn you into Einstein overnight only exist in movies. And the performance pills you may have heard are popular on college campuses don’t actually make them smarter. They just give the impression that they do.

What makes NR-7 different is that all its ingredients have a solid scientific understanding on how they work. And when combined, they feed the hippocampus (the area where memories, thoughts and emotions are stored) what it needs to be strong and healthy.

In the video, we reveal all the studies, scientific breakthroughs and advances in neuroscience that prove a strong, healthy hippocampus is the key to a younger feeling mind. And how NR-7 is uniquely formulated to support and protect it from decline.

Q: Will NR-7 protect me against Alzheimer’s?

A: Nothing can cure, reverse or prevent Alzheimer’s once it’s planted root in your brain. However, mounting studies suggest you can lower the risk by adopting healthy lifestyle habits that feed and exercise the brain like it’s a muscle.

In our video, we reveal all the latest brain science breakthroughs, clinical studies and medical journals that show why people must focus on prevention rather than hoping for a miracle cure. And how The NR-7 Brain Revitalizing System offers a better shot of safeguarding your mind, relationships and independence as you age.

Q: Who else has NR-7 worked for?

A: The NR-7 Brain Revitalizing System has only recently been released. We’re still collecting feedback and reviews from members.

So if you decide to give The NR-7 System a try, we’d love to hear about your experience. Remember, your investment is protected with a 90-day money back guarantee. So all you have to lose is your brain fog and poor focus. What you can gain is a younger feeling and acting brain.

Q: A friend said they feel happier after trying The NR-7 Brain Revitalizing System. Is this normal?

A: When your brain is tired and clouded with brain fog it can harm your relationships and enjoyment of life. In fact, a Florida State University study of 12,000 people found being alone too much was linked to a 40% higher risk of Alzheimer’s.[1]

On the flipside, when your brain feels clear, focused and optimisitic it can trigger all sorts of positive outcomes.

You may find yourself engaging people more in conversation, telling jokes and laughing in reply. You become more sociable, make new friends, take up new hobbies and learn new things.

The outcome of all this is your enjoyment of life and happiness improves. So while feeling happier isn’t a direct result of the The NR-7 Brain Revitalizing System it is a fantastic bonus.

Q: What happens if NR-7 doesn't work. Can I get my money back?

A: Absolutely. We want as many as people as possible to try The NR-7 Brain Revitalizing System to see if it works for them.

The studies and proven brain science we’ve shared in the video explains, supporting a stronger, healthier hippocampus is the key to safeguarding your memories, thoughts and emotions. This is exactly what the NR-7 system is designed to do.

However, everybody’s brains are different. Some people will find it easier than others to adopt a brain healthy diet and stick with completing the puzzles each day.

The only way to know if it helps you sustain a strong, healthy brain is to give it a try. By offering a 90-day money back guarantee we’re taking all the risk to make that possible. After all, if you never try you’ll never know what a difference it can make to your brain and life.

Q: Can I take NR-7 with my current prescriptions?

A: While NR-7’s individual ingredients have been reviewed by scientists and doctors for their safety, we strongly recommend you consult with your doctor. They’ll know about any interactions with your medications and what’s best for you.

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